HD 800 Moline

HD 800 Minneapolis Moline

W-W Irrigation's remanufactured HD 800 Minneapolis Molines have long been the standard by which all other irrigation engines are compared. Spouting close to 200 horsepower with 200 foot pounds of torque at a mere 1750 rpms, these engines deliver both the power and the pull needed for even the deepest of wells. A flawless, straight forward straight six design gives these engines the long standing reputation for perfect design and a long lasting life.

Fuel and Exhaust Systems

These engines feature a fuel system lead by natural gas pioneer Impco carburation, funneled through an Impco regulator to a cast iron intake manifold. Each part of the fuel system is meticulously designed and tested for maximum performance. A variety of exhaust systems are available to suit your specific need. From standard cast iron exhaust manifolds to cast water cooled exhaust systems to stainles steel exhaust systems designed and built for durabilty and long lasting performance.

Ignition System

W-W Irrigation offers a variety of ignition systems for the HD800, each designed to meet with your specific needs. From the traditional high tension and MCD magnetos of American Bosch to the power of the new Altronic 3000 magneto system. These state of the art ignition systems are designed and set up for the particular needs of each individual owner. Each system offers the dependability and performance you deserve in your ignition system.

Power Train

W-W Irrigation offers two seperate systems of drive train; driveplate or power take off. The driveplate power train offers affordability with a direct connection from the engine to the driveshaft. The power take off clutch system offers the users the added comforts of warm up and power down without engaging the driveshaft or gearhead.

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