Month: September 2019

Tax Tips and Tax Return

Here are the tax tips on tax returns that you should be aware of. Items in the tax return that you should check extra carefully and consider carefully are: 1. Telephony (Item 2.1) 2. Travel allowance (item 3.2.8) 3. Parental allowance (item 3.2.10) 4. Trade union quota (Item 3.2.11) 5. Refinancing (Item 3.3.1) 6. Trading in shares (item 3.3.7) 7. Gifts Read More

A little information about the new bank tax

Something that has recently gained a lot of space in the financial news is the proposal for a new bank tax. The government will give more money to the defense (20 billion over four years) and some of them want to be financed with the help of this new bank tax. The idea of ​​the Read More